About Kannur E News

Kannur E News, is an online news portal operating in Kannur for the past three years. We have our own website - www.kannurenews.com along with an active Facebook Page and You Tube channel through which we are constantly trying to keep abreast news about the happenings.

We ensure that we give a good response rate to our promoters through trending You Tube videos, regular Facebook updates and interesting articles through our news portal. Also, we have launched our news app News Era on Google Play Store and App store.

Our video on the plight of Kannur roads has been viral, attracting the views of 10 lakh + people on the web. History, culture, politics, latest daily updates of happenings are all being brought to you through our web portal. sports, health, entertainment, interview,features, travel are just some of the segments that will be making an appearance for our readers.

For any queries or suggestions, please reach us on:

Rayees Ahmad,
Managing Editor,
3rd Floor, Top Land Grand Bazaar
Bellard Road, Kannur, Kerala
Email: knrenews@gmail.com
Mob: +91 9895 317 051